Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Bear Song

So I have developed a bear song to repel bears while I ride my bicycle through the woods.  I am not sure that the song in itself is repellant but my voice certainly is.  The song is also good for passing time on the bike as I can't usually remember all the words and have to make up new ones as I go.

Here is the basic song.  You should adjust it to fit your own bike and situation.  I yell the lines in capitals.   Make up your own tune.  I usually sing out of tune

You are a very big bear ...BIG BEAR!
I think its not very fair ...NOT FAIR!  (Continue repeating the last two words of each line by yelling them through the rest of the song)

I am real small and real tough
I think you'll find me quite rough

My bike is made out of steel..
I know you'll not like the feel

Of biting down on the frame
You'll only have you to blame

When you break all of your teeth
It will cause you so much grief.

I have some pepper bear spray
You'd better just stay far away

So thanks for letting me through
And I won't be bothering you.

I have seen about four bears while riding my bike; all been black bears.  No grizzlies yet,  I think it will work, however as I have seen grizzly tracks, but no bears while singing.  During our Tour Divide Tour I sang this song very loudly while going up and down Richmond Peak.

I know there were bears in the area as we saw the tracks and also the trigger safety from someone's bear spray.  Josh swears he smelled pepper and he was sneezing a lot.

I am also afraid of cows on my bike.  We had a mean heifer when I was a kid.  She liked to kick and butt people.  I am working on a cow song.  Will consider posting it when finished.


  1. Cows are scarier thanks bears. I am looking forward to the cow verses.

  2. This is hilarious! Gonna sing this when in bear country. I might need that cow song too...


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