Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review of the Day: Hoo Ha Ride Glide by Reflect Sports

Hoo Ha Ride Glide by Reflect Sports.

 USD $21.95 for an 8 oz tube on the reflectsports web site.

Also available on Amazon

For $ 18.75 as of today.

Here is their product pitch, copied and pasted from their website:

 The original skin and chamois cream formulated by women for women. Protects your most girlied parts from infection, chafing, friction burns, irritation, inflammation and saddle sores.  Provides healing and a lasting cool feeling so you enjoy the ride.  Do apply to your nooks and crannies.  Do apply to your chamois.  Do apply to other skin areas where exercise chafing occurs.  Enriched with barley extract, lavender, eucalyptus leaf, tea tree and peppermint oils.  

I have used this for about a year now.  On various rides and also on two bike tours.  I think it works very well overall and would recommend it to both women and men.

The cream does have the above mentioned herbal extracts.  It also contains various standard body care chemicals such as Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Disodium EDTA and others.  I do not see a Not Tested On Animals symbol either. (EDIT:  Thanks to an astute commenter this statement was found on Reflect Sports Website,  Safe and Healthy : no parabens, fragrance, or animal byproducts/testing.  So if you are looking for a purely natural, cruelty free product this is not it.   No animal testing!)

It is a fairly thin cream, I did find that there is a bit of gritty stuff in it, I feel it on my fingers but it smooths out when applying the cream.  I never notice it when riding.  I am not sure if it is the tube I have or if that is part of the product.  Once on it is on it is smooth sailing so to speak for about 3 hours.  I have not tried putting more on mid-ride yet, somehow it is too yucky to think of stopping by the side of the road to re-apply to my "nooks and crannies".  

I did get one saddle sore on a ride, but I do think that was a function of having a heavy backpack, riding mostly uphill for about 6 hours in 90 degree weather.  I was also recovering from a summer cold so I did not get out of the saddle as much as I should have.  I don't think there is a lube in the world that would have prevented that sore.  However the Ride Glide felt soothing and made the next day's ride tolerable even with the sore.  

The  peppermint gives you a refreshing feeling especially when you stand up to cruise downhill.  Nice on a hot day, but a bit weird and chilly when it is cold out.  I did find that it also has a soothing and cooling effect on sunburns, and the fact that it comes in a tube rather than a tub allows me to use it without worries of spreading fecal coliforms over my burned arms and legs.  

It seems to wash out of chamois quite well and I do not notice any residue or smell on my bike shorts. 

Josh has tried it out and even though it is formulated for women it seems to work for men too.  

All in all, I think this is a great product, and has prevented chafing and irritation on many a ride.  


  1. Hi there,
    After reading your post I just wanted to make note that the Reflect Sports Hoo Ha Ride Glide has no animal byproducts and has not been testing on any animals.

    Although it does not state so on the product itself, if you visit their website it says no animal testing under the benefits of the Hoo Ha Ride Glide.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! The review has been edited to note that this product is NOT tested on animals.


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