Saturday, March 16, 2013

Here We Go... First Post - Tour Divide

The beginning of something...

We are planning to ride the Tour Divide in June of 2014.  Not as a tandem team but as completely and entirely separate racers, competing with and against each other in the "worlds toughest bike race."   Josh and I are riding our bikes up big hills, hiking our bikes through snow and mud.
Training our GI systems by drinking beer, eating chicken strips, fries, Swedish Fish and other convenience store gastronomic delights for days on end.  Luckily we have separate sleeping shelters.  Gas station food tends to produce, well, err, uh, gasses. 
We've been combing through shops and websites for the latest and greatest gear.  Built bikes that should go the miles without letting us down.  Luckily Josh lived as a bike mechanic in another life. He continues to this day to be a gear head and bargain hunter of the highest order.  I am learning bit by bit.  After assembling my bike two weekends ago I think I finally understand which way to turn my barrel adjusters, and I can now change my brake pads.

We weighed everything.  Josh trimmed his toothbrush down to a nubbin.  (I did not.  I like to be able to brush my molars and at some point the weight thing gets ridiculous)  We realized this is not enough! We are lacking essential Tour Divide fingertip training by starting a blog.  So here it is.. Our blog.
Of course just posting about bikes and cycling only may get a bit dull, so other sports and activities will creep in to this blog.  Hiking, skiing, running, knitting, fishing, photography etc.

We will see where the wind takes us.  Hopefully to the end of the Tour Divide, but also to some other fantastic places and adventures along the way and after the big bike ride.


  1. OK you two, I expect to see some really interesting stuff here in the coming posts.

  2. Saw your posts on bikepacking's website. Fun blog. Hope to watch your blue and pink dots in the race next year!


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